Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Patch Tuesday -

New champion! Jarvan IV. I haven't personally tried him, but I've seen a few games with him and all I can say after 1 day, is that he has his uses. He's not the strongest champion, not the weakest, I think he is well balanced and can help a team.

Other than introducing the new champion, not much happened.
They are trying to shorten the games by buffing minions after a certain period of time, so they can do more to the towers and inhibitors and shortening respawn timers.
Some small tweaks to heroes here and there, most notably is Caitlyn, buffing her ult up some to make it on par with some others. Also Karma got some small buffs, to try to bring her up to par, but she's still way too weak.

That's it for today, more in 2 weeks!
I'll try to figure out something to replace the WoW Wednesday by tomorrow.