Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Patch Tuesday -

New champion! Jarvan IV. I haven't personally tried him, but I've seen a few games with him and all I can say after 1 day, is that he has his uses. He's not the strongest champion, not the weakest, I think he is well balanced and can help a team.

Other than introducing the new champion, not much happened.
They are trying to shorten the games by buffing minions after a certain period of time, so they can do more to the towers and inhibitors and shortening respawn timers.
Some small tweaks to heroes here and there, most notably is Caitlyn, buffing her ult up some to make it on par with some others. Also Karma got some small buffs, to try to bring her up to par, but she's still way too weak.

That's it for today, more in 2 weeks!
I'll try to figure out something to replace the WoW Wednesday by tomorrow.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Legends - NESL

I have some more news on the ESL that I talked about 2 weeks ago finally!
Season 8 is starting on North America now, with the first qualifying rounds ending yesterday. Team CLG came in first place with 2 decisive victories over OGodBears. OGodBears came in 2nd place of course and Team SoloMid came in 2rd place with a win over DAO(Defy All Odds, I think). The whole tournament was streamed from about 4PM to about 10PM, I'm not really proud to say I watched the whole 6 hours, but I did.
The European side had their games earlier, but I didn't watch any of them.

Along with that, there will be weekly Go4LoL mini tournaments held each week for $100 prize pools, culminating to a $1000 end of season tournament, which will come some time in June.

I can't wait until the North American team, probably CLG, faces off against the best European team at the end of the season, going to be really good games, who do you think will win?

Friday, February 25, 2011

FreePost Friday - Week Off

I don't really have much to post about, but I do have the next week off from my classes, so maybe something in there as an extra.

Also, my sub for WoW ran out today and I probably won't renew it for a while. That means I'll be shutting down the WoW Wednesday posts until maybe later.
Short post today, that's all I've got. Gonna go enjoy my week off now!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

WoW Wednesday - Thursday

OOPS! Forgot to post until right now! And it's Thursday instead of Wednesday...
Also I didn't make a post on Tuesday, because there was really no news to report on that day...Next week it will be back on, most likely.

Anyway, onto WoW now. Last week, I said I would make a post about how much I hate rogues, but I'm gonna change it now. I've been PvPing some more with the buffed up Discipline spec. I must say, since the buffs to Shield and Desperate Heal and now they're not so bad. They used to be able to silence and stun me dead in about 4-8 seconds, now I can last a lot longer, in most cases I don't die. Even sometimes when I get focused by more than just a silly rogue, I can get away. Or I can at least last long enough for someone to come by and kill the rogue off as well as whoever else. I am really liking the PvP now. Previously I DID hate it, Shield was weak, died in two hits, couldn't get anything done. Now it's a whole new spec it seems like.
TL;DR I am taking back what I said last weak. I don't hate rogues as much anymore and I enjoy PvP as a priest now. Yay!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday Legends - Ranked Games

Late post today...
Anyway, I've been playing a lot of ranked recently, pretty much completely switched over from the Normal modes to Ranked now. I feel like I am ready to play with the 'top guys'. It will be a long, long loong climb up there to even getting around 1800ELO at this rate. Most days I will end with a positive win/loss, but sometimes I will get the opposite.
I'm hovering around 1400 atm, people are getting better...Not all of them, but some at least. I definitely feel like I'm better than all of them though. I hate to be that guy that says that, but I really think it's true. I'm still ever improving myself, but I can carry my weight in the game every time, sometimes other people's weights. feels good when I do that, but it doesn't happen often.
Pic above is my last 6 games. Other than the one loss, I think it looks pretty damn good. 5 Deaths total in 6 games? Hell yea.
Those two games with Akali are my first two ranked in 3v3. I met a couple Ukranian guys in the game as Cho'gath and we decided to play some 3s. We did quite well as you can see.

Friday, February 18, 2011

FreePost Friday - Music

I love to listen to music, just like everyone else does.
Specifically, my favourite genre is Electronic, like Daft Punk and Drum and Bass, like Pendulum.
The Alive 2007 mashups by Daft Punk have to be some of my favourite songs ever. Link below

I really like Drum and Bass as well. I listen to it less often than the Electronic stuff, but it's still up there in some of my favourite few songs.
One blog I follow has shown some really good examples of bass music. I follow that blog because it has a new song every other day or so.
 http://bassdomain.blogspot.com/ Is a blog you should visit if you're into that kind of music for sure.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

WoW Wednesday - 2

Late post tonight, was a bit busy raiding to make it earlier.
The last patch had a few changes to my Holy spec for raids. After a week of using it, I can safely say it is awesome! A full minute of Chakra is so great and in addition, the 24 second switch can be clutch. I can switch from single target to AoE healing every 24 seconds? Hell Yes.
I haven't really been looking at the Recount to compare my previous and new HPS records, but I am guessing it's higher now...I have a few new epics and I feel like I'm doing a better job of keeping people alive.

Nefarian still eludes my guild and I...At the rate we're going this week...I don't think we're gonna touch him at all. People have just stopped showing up to raid, it's kind of a disappointment that they don't want to progress further and faster. I think the release of Rift Beta has something to with that.

Next week: Why I hate rogues

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Patch Tuesday - Where is

Later post than I wanted to do today...Nothing happened today. Patch was supposed to be out today, introducing the new champion Maokai, the Twisted Treant. But it seems to have been delayed. I hope Riot keeps their schedule as usual and releases the patch today.

Some more changes include a few items, mainly targeted at the survivability items that include CDR as a stat. Those are being nerfed a bit. I agree with this change...I feel like those items were really powerful and although underused to some degree, they were very strong for most champions.

Some champion changes are also coming, mainly to Vladimir and Anivia. They are being made less annoying! Anivia's ultimate is taking a small change that will make her harassment less deadly (I like this). They are also making some changes to Vlad, which I don't have a lot of information on, but he will likely be less effective at tower diving somehow...

Last but not least, Ryze is getting a rework on his skills. Instead of being a 1 hit wonder then being useless for the next 10 seconds, they are making him more sustained damage-wise. I wonder how this will affect him...Will he be stronger or weaker? What do you think?

For a full Preview of the patch, click >Here<
I will either update later today, or tomorrow for the link to the full patch notes.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

In addition to the weekly Monday Legends post below, I'm gonna add a little something special, because it's Valentine's Day!

Have a good one everyone! Don't forget to buy that special someone something nice!

Monday Legends - ESL

Over the weekend, League of Legends has taken another step into having a more competitive scene. The ESL (eSports League) has added League of Legends to their line up of games.
The European side has played their first tournament with the winner being myR (My Revenge), H2k coming in second and SK in third. 
The NA side are playing their qualifier games over the next week or so, with CLG claiming the top spot in the qualifier bracket #1

>Here< Is the official Riot post about the ESL

PS I may start doing some champion reviews next week if nothing new comes up

Friday, February 11, 2011

FreePost Friday - Leafs

I am Canadian, which means I'm automatically a hockey fan. Living in Ontario, my favourite team is the Leafs. They have had some struggles over the last 5 seasons, but to me, it looks like things are going better as of late.
In their last 10 games, they are 5-4-1, which is not great, but at least it's not more losses than wins. They are also 4-1-1 in their last 6 games, which is great.
Our one All-Star player, if you can call him that, is not scoring again. On a 12 game streak without a goal, it's simply not good. He was traded in last season to fill that role of being a high goal scorer, but Grabo and Kulemin have taken those spots instead.
Speaking of trades, Beauchemin got traded back to Anaheim on Wednesday in exchange for Lupul, which I am impartial to and a prospect, which was chosen by Burke when he was the GM of the Ducks. Burke has high hopes of Gardiner being a great player in the future. On the bad side, Beauchemin was a rough player on the Leafs' blue line who logged a lot of minutes each night. He was a hard worker and did a decent job defending the goalie.
Another bright side is James Reimer. He has proven himself to be an NHL tier goalie. I really like how the guy plays when he is on.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

WoW Wednesday - 1

First post on WoW, so much to say, what to start with... I will start the same way I did with my League of Legends post, just some background of me playing WoW.
I have been playing on-and-off for about 3 years now. I started by playing a Mage right at the beginning of TBC expansion, but now I play a priest since the launch of Cataclysm.
 I am mostly a raider, in a progression guild, we are 10/12 for the current Tier 11 content, working intently on Nefarian. Other than that, we have the other 10 bosses on an easy farm schedule each week. We haven't bothered with Al'akir at this point, because we feel downing Nefarian is much more important.

Yesterday while raiding, we got a couple of the boss achievements, they were kind of a surprise to most, because we weren't striving to get them at the time, they just happened.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Patch Tuesday - 4.0.6

It's finally here!
After a few weeks of PTR testing, Blizzard has finally released the new patch to the world...of Warcraft

I play a priest, so I am only going to go over what interests me below

The good:

  • Chakra states now last 1 minute, up from 30 seconds.
  • Binding Heal and Holy Word: Serenity now refresh the duration of Renew on the target, in addition to the other direct heals.
  • Binding Heal, Flash Heal, and Greater Heal can now trigger Chakra: Serenity.
  • Circle of Healing effectiveness has been increased by 30%.
  • Serendipity now has Spell Alert and Floating Combat Text feedback support.
  • Surge of Light can now also proc from Flash Heal and Greater Heal, and can now also critically hit.

The bad:

  • Prayer of Healing effectiveness has been reduced by 15%.
  • Holy Concentration now increases the amount of mana regeneration from Spirit while in combat by an additional 15/30%, down from 20/40%.

Overall to me, a good patch, a couple hits to my healing, but many more boosts.

Here is the full list of Patch Notes

Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday Legends - 1

First "official" post here I guess
Just gonna post some background info about myself playing League of Legends.
My IGN is PmG ChecK, I have been playing for almost a year.
I had some questions about who I main...I can't really answer that, because I regularly just play the FotM champ. Right now, I am playing mostly Pantheon and Sivir (If they're not banned) or Lux
I have played around 800 games in total, so I know a bit about every character
That's it for today....Leave a comment or add me ingame if you want to play a few rounds

Saturday, February 5, 2011

UFC Saturday

Noticed I am getting a hell of a lot of views in such short time, so I am just popping in to post my thoughts about UFC 126 tonight.
Silva def. Belfort via TKO in round 2
Franklin def. Griffin via decision
Jones def. Bader via TKO in round 3 - Jon Jones is a really good up and coming star in the UFC, I expect him come into title contention with this victory

Those are the three main fights on the PPV tonight, won't comment on the undercards because I personally haven't seen any of those guys in action. That's not to say they won't be exciting fights, I am looking forward to it.
Tell me what you think of my predictions and what you think will happen.

Friday, February 4, 2011

FreePost Friday

So it's Friday and it's early, thought I would start this afternoon of boredom with a quick post.
I had kind of a schedule in the first post, going to add this to that list as: FreePost Friday
It's just going to be a quick post each Friday about anything random I feel like ranting about. I will get on that next week.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


New Blog here by me. Going to be mainly about the games I play most, those being League of Legends and WoW, two really popular games.
The plan is to have named posts, at least 3 times a week
Monday Legends - All about League of Legends these days, whether it be about a hero, or some new changes
Patch Tuesdays - Patches for both of my games patch on Tuesday, going to be busy here
WoW Wednesday - Going to discuss some stuff I do in WoW, raiding or PvP I do sometimes.

Go ahead and leave a comment if you have any other games you think I would be interested in, the game having a 3 letter acronym would be funny and related to the others :P