Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Patch Tuesday - Where is

Later post than I wanted to do today...Nothing happened today. Patch was supposed to be out today, introducing the new champion Maokai, the Twisted Treant. But it seems to have been delayed. I hope Riot keeps their schedule as usual and releases the patch today.

Some more changes include a few items, mainly targeted at the survivability items that include CDR as a stat. Those are being nerfed a bit. I agree with this change...I feel like those items were really powerful and although underused to some degree, they were very strong for most champions.

Some champion changes are also coming, mainly to Vladimir and Anivia. They are being made less annoying! Anivia's ultimate is taking a small change that will make her harassment less deadly (I like this). They are also making some changes to Vlad, which I don't have a lot of information on, but he will likely be less effective at tower diving somehow...

Last but not least, Ryze is getting a rework on his skills. Instead of being a 1 hit wonder then being useless for the next 10 seconds, they are making him more sustained damage-wise. I wonder how this will affect him...Will he be stronger or weaker? What do you think?

For a full Preview of the patch, click >Here<
I will either update later today, or tomorrow for the link to the full patch notes.


  1. This sounds like a useful patch, hope they get it out soon.

  2. Blizzard always changes everything so quickly.. geez

  3. Page keeps freezing! delete any unnecessary comments, thanks :P

  4. i think they just like messing with people, promising patches and then changing their scheduled releases...