Thursday, February 24, 2011

WoW Wednesday - Thursday

OOPS! Forgot to post until right now! And it's Thursday instead of Wednesday...
Also I didn't make a post on Tuesday, because there was really no news to report on that day...Next week it will be back on, most likely.

Anyway, onto WoW now. Last week, I said I would make a post about how much I hate rogues, but I'm gonna change it now. I've been PvPing some more with the buffed up Discipline spec. I must say, since the buffs to Shield and Desperate Heal and now they're not so bad. They used to be able to silence and stun me dead in about 4-8 seconds, now I can last a lot longer, in most cases I don't die. Even sometimes when I get focused by more than just a silly rogue, I can get away. Or I can at least last long enough for someone to come by and kill the rogue off as well as whoever else. I am really liking the PvP now. Previously I DID hate it, Shield was weak, died in two hits, couldn't get anything done. Now it's a whole new spec it seems like.
TL;DR I am taking back what I said last weak. I don't hate rogues as much anymore and I enjoy PvP as a priest now. Yay!


  1. Rogues ? Have you seen swiftys new viedo ? Where a rogue with some sh*ty weponds kill like 5 people ? :D

  2. for a minute there i thought you said you enjoyed priests. lol

  3. I'll have to look for that swifty video. I miss my rogue already. (: