Friday, February 18, 2011

FreePost Friday - Music

I love to listen to music, just like everyone else does.
Specifically, my favourite genre is Electronic, like Daft Punk and Drum and Bass, like Pendulum.
The Alive 2007 mashups by Daft Punk have to be some of my favourite songs ever. Link below

I really like Drum and Bass as well. I listen to it less often than the Electronic stuff, but it's still up there in some of my favourite few songs.
One blog I follow has shown some really good examples of bass music. I follow that blog because it has a new song every other day or so. Is a blog you should visit if you're into that kind of music for sure.


  1. Alive is the reason I got into Daft Punk at all. Awesome album.

  2. Daft punk, i downloaded Aerodynamic like 3 weeks ago and listened to it too much, got kinda sick of it :P But they are legends

  3. Nice song bro, it sounds like that one with the blue guys from Daft Punk.

  4. Man, I've been trying to listen to different genres of music lately, and Daft Punk came up. I have to say they've easily become a favorite of mine.