Friday, February 11, 2011

FreePost Friday - Leafs

I am Canadian, which means I'm automatically a hockey fan. Living in Ontario, my favourite team is the Leafs. They have had some struggles over the last 5 seasons, but to me, it looks like things are going better as of late.
In their last 10 games, they are 5-4-1, which is not great, but at least it's not more losses than wins. They are also 4-1-1 in their last 6 games, which is great.
Our one All-Star player, if you can call him that, is not scoring again. On a 12 game streak without a goal, it's simply not good. He was traded in last season to fill that role of being a high goal scorer, but Grabo and Kulemin have taken those spots instead.
Speaking of trades, Beauchemin got traded back to Anaheim on Wednesday in exchange for Lupul, which I am impartial to and a prospect, which was chosen by Burke when he was the GM of the Ducks. Burke has high hopes of Gardiner being a great player in the future. On the bad side, Beauchemin was a rough player on the Leafs' blue line who logged a lot of minutes each night. He was a hard worker and did a decent job defending the goalie.
Another bright side is James Reimer. He has proven himself to be an NHL tier goalie. I really like how the guy plays when he is on.


  1. Even though I'm not a big hockey fan I love watching awesome shots, fights and techniques clips on youtube.

  2. Dont have NHL here, but i watch allot on ESPN ... lol

  3. Glad to hear your team's doing better at last.