Wednesday, February 16, 2011

WoW Wednesday - 2

Late post tonight, was a bit busy raiding to make it earlier.
The last patch had a few changes to my Holy spec for raids. After a week of using it, I can safely say it is awesome! A full minute of Chakra is so great and in addition, the 24 second switch can be clutch. I can switch from single target to AoE healing every 24 seconds? Hell Yes.
I haven't really been looking at the Recount to compare my previous and new HPS records, but I am guessing it's higher now...I have a few new epics and I feel like I'm doing a better job of keeping people alive.

Nefarian still eludes my guild and I...At the rate we're going this week...I don't think we're gonna touch him at all. People have just stopped showing up to raid, it's kind of a disappointment that they don't want to progress further and faster. I think the release of Rift Beta has something to with that.

Next week: Why I hate rogues


  1. I have a friend who is a huge WoW fan. She swears by it, tells me I should join.

  2. We are having fun with patches eh?