Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Legends - NESL

I have some more news on the ESL that I talked about 2 weeks ago finally!
Season 8 is starting on North America now, with the first qualifying rounds ending yesterday. Team CLG came in first place with 2 decisive victories over OGodBears. OGodBears came in 2nd place of course and Team SoloMid came in 2rd place with a win over DAO(Defy All Odds, I think). The whole tournament was streamed from about 4PM to about 10PM, I'm not really proud to say I watched the whole 6 hours, but I did.
The European side had their games earlier, but I didn't watch any of them.

Along with that, there will be weekly Go4LoL mini tournaments held each week for $100 prize pools, culminating to a $1000 end of season tournament, which will come some time in June.

I can't wait until the North American team, probably CLG, faces off against the best European team at the end of the season, going to be really good games, who do you think will win?

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