Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday Legends - ESL

Over the weekend, League of Legends has taken another step into having a more competitive scene. The ESL (eSports League) has added League of Legends to their line up of games.
The European side has played their first tournament with the winner being myR (My Revenge), H2k coming in second and SK in third. 
The NA side are playing their qualifier games over the next week or so, with CLG claiming the top spot in the qualifier bracket #1

>Here< Is the official Riot post about the ESL

PS I may start doing some champion reviews next week if nothing new comes up


  1. Wish I could game competitively like that.

  2. Nice job. Good to see gaming getting more tv coverage.

  3. Damn that is a lot of money. The gaming public must be really interested in competitive gaming.