Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday Legends - Ranked Games

Late post today...
Anyway, I've been playing a lot of ranked recently, pretty much completely switched over from the Normal modes to Ranked now. I feel like I am ready to play with the 'top guys'. It will be a long, long loong climb up there to even getting around 1800ELO at this rate. Most days I will end with a positive win/loss, but sometimes I will get the opposite.
I'm hovering around 1400 atm, people are getting better...Not all of them, but some at least. I definitely feel like I'm better than all of them though. I hate to be that guy that says that, but I really think it's true. I'm still ever improving myself, but I can carry my weight in the game every time, sometimes other people's weights. feels good when I do that, but it doesn't happen often.
Pic above is my last 6 games. Other than the one loss, I think it looks pretty damn good. 5 Deaths total in 6 games? Hell yea.
Those two games with Akali are my first two ranked in 3v3. I met a couple Ukranian guys in the game as Cho'gath and we decided to play some 3s. We did quite well as you can see.